Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In "Silly Love Songs", Finn will open a kissing booth to raise funds for the National New York City and ends bringing mononucleosis. Then he kissed several girls from Mc Kinley, including Quinn. Quinn reflects on what once was, her unwanted pregnancy . "Finn was her first boyfriend in high school , his first love , and it really hurt. There will be questions about what might have happened if there had been no deception and lies", says Agron.

Meanwhile, Rachel is going to get tired of chasing Finn, especially when he discovers that he still has feelings for Quinn. According to Lea Michele, who will "regain its original character instead of being jealous, be friends with Finn and help."

Although the holiday will be crushing for some, Falchuk offers evidence of hope. "Everybody is feeling loved the end of this episode ", promises, comparing the trajectory unpredictable for Couples Romantic Glee seems to Space Mountain in Disneyland . "No You can get mad when there is a fall suddenly but when things are finished , I hope that all we smile at the end ."



- One of these episodes are titled "Blame it on the alcohol" (blame the alcohol). In this episode takes place "alcoholism prevention week." All the boys get drunk, Rachel gets drunk before a performance. Sue Figgins vomit and eventually everyone ends up vomiting.

- You will see Heather, Jenna, and Naya in shorts. The other women in jeans. The outfits are totally bizarre (according to the source.) Combat boots or jeans (The Lea are red, black Dianna).

- Brittany is on stage and is drunk, as the song progresses you feel worse and worse and ends up vomiting on Rachel, Rachel causing vomiting.

- Santana runs off the stage, everyone ends up vomiting.

- Brittany sing "Tik Tok" Ke$ha (as it is their song). Heather again dance with short shorts. Get ready to drool for her, because her legs are spectacular.

- The scenes of vomiting still not recorded, were only recorded scenes of songs and tested the rest.

** It is not known whether it is for these episodes, but apparently there will be a video of Lauren having sex with Puck. It may happen in the episode called "Sexy", which just began shooting this week. The source confirmed that this information is hallway conversation, so you can change or may be misinformation.

- It is rumored that Glee bags and begin to build the production will move to New York to national record.


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