Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Actress Jane Lynch, who plays the captain of the cheerleaders on the hit show 'Glee', has revealed that 'Sue' is inspired by Simon Cowell.

According to ShowbizSpy, Jane Lynch believes there are many more similarities between the media icon and Sue...

"If ever there was someone who tells it like it is, this is Simon Cowell. You see Sue and note that there is definitely a lot of Simon in it... he is a great inspiration for the character of Sue, so much I can take it and put it in her. Simon and Sue say things that people would like to, in their work or school, but can not because it is not right. Like him, she says what she wants because it can, no one will put a high to neither. "
With the incredible similarities between Sue and X Factor judge, Sue probably work well in the judging panel of X Factor, right?

Jane added: " People have asked me 'What if Jane appeared on X Factor? What would? " I think it would be fantastic, and there would be some participants in tears. Although it could never happen. Simon and Sue in the same panel of judges would never work in a million years, there is only room for one ego in the program!".


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