Tuesday, January 31, 2012


At the SAG awards yesterday, Heather Morris and Naya Rivera said something about the future of Brittana in Glee.

At the beginning of the night on the red carpet Naya Rivera confessed to a reporter: "There are some cute moments between them in the Valentine's episode." But that does not end there as his girlfriend in the series doubled the bet and said something that many fans of the couple were waiting a long time:"There are a lot of kisses Brittany and Santana in the episode". When the reporter asked if she was serious she said yes. However, it is the first time that Heather says something that does not happen then.In a chat with the magazine Seventeen months ago, said Naya kissed well and after that it would be weird to kiss a friend, but there was never evidence of a kiss between them in the show and her statements came to nothing.


  1. Does Brittana (Britney & Santana) kiss in the Valentines episode coming up? And by kiss i dont mean a kiss on the cheek, or nuzzling on the neck, i mean full on lip kiss... (not a peck on the lips)

  2. In the teaser it says LIP LOCK and they were featured so .. maybe yes.


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