Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Does Darren Criss a.k.a Blaine worry about being a straight man playing a gay teen on Glee? Not at all! He tells Prestige magazine (which features Criss on the cover) that being famous for playing a homosexual doesn't bother him at all.

Here’s what the 23-year-old Glee star and singer shared with the mag’s Oliver Singer:

On fame: “The one exciting thing about celebrity is that you get to be in a position to do great things for the world. A lot of our favorite celebrities have given back to the community, and I hope I can do the same.”

On his childhood dreams: “I’ve always wanted to do theatre. I wanted to be a musician and a composer, have a band … everything. I’ve always wanted to be performing and creating. But I never wanted to be a star or a celebrity type.”

On having reservations playing a gay character, Blaine, on Glee: “That wasn’t even something on my radar. For me, I was reading a really great character and I was excited about it. I feel comfortable with my sexuality, and I defy anyone who tries to weird me out with accusations or anything like that. Blaine’s sexuality didn’t even cross my mind as something that would be an issue.”

Source: Just Jared


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