Sunday, January 30, 2011


A few days ago the executive producer of the series, Brad Falchuk , wrote a tweet referred to the return of Gwyneth Paltrow in which mentioned a couple of them already we were talking about: "Brittanica is on. Brittanica has always been powered up. Episode 15-and Gwyneth is the meet."

We must understand that both Santana and Brittany have a ways to go to evolve as characters, and it seems that part of that path will be covered, not as couples, but separate: Brittany, with Artie, and Santana. Oh well, in other news... there are a couple of comments about the episode on Sunday, Feb. 6 (of which we know his name: The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle ). According to Darren Criss , the episode will be as spectacular as it sounds, and even more!: He said, "There are thousands and thousands of tons of pure entertainment at 100 miles per hour! The first ten minutes are only a bizarre spectacle of bells, whistles, explosions and stuff, so almost going to be a real show-time, except that it is an episode. A lot of great numbers, and it will be fun."

Diana in her costume for 'Thriller' performance
Dianna Agron talks about his look in the episode and trouble which earned him then to travel: "I had to go directly from the film set at the airport at half past six in the morning to fly to New York for work, and had no time to get me all makeup and climb up the hair. If you look at the episode, you'll see how I have the hair, in a Victorian crazy with bows, flowers and stuff. I was running a hurry to the airport and at a time when the security stopped me because there were too many forks in my hair! Almost missed my flight! "

There is also a small piece on the story of Kurt and Blaine. The speaker is Max Adler , Dave himself Karofsky interpreter. The situation with Karofsky Kurt has not yet finished : "I do not know if Dave knows that Blaine and Kurt have 'something' in place, but obviously he does know that Kurt is not More on the McKinley High, and that give you something to talk in the episode of the Super Bowl. "

Finally, and changing the subject a little, and is confirmed as Aunt Anne Hathaway Kurt lesbian . Do not you thinkare already too many guest stars of the show for this season? It seems that for some actors and producers of the series the answer to this question is negative. Chace Crawford , one of the stars of The CW series Gossip Girl , seems to have been talking with his friend Matthew Morrison (Will at Glee ) about his desire to make a guest appearance on the program. When I asked one of the heads of Gossip Girl, Stephanie Savage, if Mr. Crawford she would participate in the program Fox, said:"We have never heard Chace song and dance, but sure would love to see him in Glee . "


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