Monday, January 16, 2012


Ladies! Here's some fashion tips from Dianna. In her recent blog post in her website, You Me & Charlie Dianna detailed her fashion must-haves. Lets read what Dianna wrote about her fashion items.

"YES, I am going here. You need a LBD. You know, a little black dress. It may sound cliched to start off here, but let's face it. Classic."

A Bold Scarf
"I am all about a great scarf. Vintage, new, I don’t care, as long as it packs a punch. You know, a great print, a pop of color? It will dress up a LBD or a White T and jeans, and that's just the tip of the iceberg."

A "Statement Piece"
"Statement pieces done right are fun, great additions and say a lot about your personality. They tell us that you’re fun, and not limited to 'safe'." Dianna is currently lusting over a pair of Miu Miu's quirky little kitty heels.

A Power Coat
"Find a power coat or jacket. Anything that makes you feel confident, empowered. I have realized that nothing turns me on more than seeing a great outer layer on a passerby, and nothing makes me feel more secure and happy with my own outfit."

A Great Pair of Jeans
"Jeans. Black, blue, white, trousers, skinny, tapered, peg-legged, you name it, I don't care what they are…find the pair you LOVE."


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