Saturday, June 18, 2011


We all know the obvious, all members of New Directions McKinley graduate school next May of 2012 that consequently, also means to stop the show.

Glee Creator, Ryan Murphy speak Friday morning on Ryan Seacrest's program. Confirm what he had said before, your transition plan for monitoring the program, saying the future of the original characters as Rachel, Finn, Puck and Santana. "This coming season will be his last year and after graduation will have to be clear."

"We do not have a show in which students were in school 8 years," he explained."I really wanted to hold on to that experience."

To calm the news (Murphy declined to say the words delete or replace), new and younger characters will be in the halls of McKinley, after the third season.Only one of them will be the product of 'The Glee Project' reality show being broadcast from last Sunday.

"There are a few rumors out there that say half the cast will be replaced by the winner of The Glee Project, which is not true," Murphy tells Seacrest. Only one winner will join Glee program for at least 7 episodes.

Murphy notes that while the original cast will go and of course left an indelible mark, the challenge will be looking to introduce America to strangers and new talents that create cool things for the program.It also confirms that not all be iran: Murphy sees Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch as the essential components of the series.

But, he says, "Glee is a celebration of youth and talent and find these talented young people and strangers and give them the opportunity to enter this business and they become stars is very exciting and fun and the spirit of the series ".


  1. owh...what a sad news.i doubt that it can be such a vibe again if whole of the current cast is replaced,their humor could never be reprise with other ppl,i think. unless, they bring in some ppl that're really good.


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