Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ryan Murphy helpfully explains his reasoning to all the haters.

“There’s a rule for it that’s explained in the show,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “The [Glee club] is hired to perform songs for the prom, and they were told by the principal to please do popular songs that the kids know.” Which leads to Artie, Puck, and Sam covering “Friday.”

“It’s songs that supposedly 17-year-olds are performing for other 17-year-olds. I think younger kids have a definite reaction to that song.” Yathink? We’d say 135 million plus viewers on the song’s YouTube page is a little more than a reaction.

Though many can’t understand why Glee would promote a song critics have dubbed “the worst song ever." Ryan explains that’s just a part of what makes Glee what it is. “The show pays tribute to pop culture and, love it or hate it, that song is pop culture.”


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