Saturday, May 14, 2011


How do you see the show evolving in Year 3?
It’s senior year, and we’re writing toward an ending that’s very emotional and dramatic. I’ve always been adamant that the show should be real in terms of time lines. Next year, there will be four new cast members, kids that come in with their own stories. We’re hiring five new writers who start in June. I believe in the law of physics: You go from being an underdog to whatever the show became - award-winning.

Are there plans for more tribute episodes, a la Madonna, Britney Spears and, most recently, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors?
If we do any tributes next year, it will only be one. We’ll make a two-hour television movie out of it, and that will be it. I don’t want to reveal what the tribute is about, but we finally got permission.

Will the Glee Season 2 finale feature the sort of cliffhanger/holdover of TV’s glory days?
Yes, in Act 6 of the Glee finale there are four plot reveals - all about relationships, moving forward and resolving some - which will hopefully keep the audience interested over the summer. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to delay publication of the script - those things get out, though in this day and age, you can’t keep anything secret.


  1. It looks like the scene had been cut strange. Its possible that Quinn tells Finn that they need to cut something else (like acting like their relationship is real) and then says something about Glee Club at another point in the talk. Glee Season 2 Episode 21: Funeral


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