Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In his day off, Max Adler gave an exclusive interview with TV Guide, which was a bit on the future of his character, Karofsky on FOX's hit series, Glee.

Your character, Karofsky, sing in the episode of April 26?
Will count this way: "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga, obviously, is a song that appears in the episode and Karofsky is involved in the issue. The song is the essential message of the whole episode, which is of the people against their insecurities and overcome their insecurities about their sexuality and physical appearance. Everyone has something that would change. The episode is about the characters realize that something you do not like something in themselves that make them special.

What's new in her character next season?
When it comes to Karofsky have no idea what to expect. He could join the Glee Club and sing a big solo was proud to be assumed or can go the opposite way and hangs himself in his house as many young people have. Imagine the episode and its message.

My God! Do you think this could really happen?
Everything is held by Ryan Murphy. He has done and Kurt Blaine is taking. I do not know if it true or seriously develop a real and serious issue to be enclosed can lead a person to do so.But I've learned from real-life stories of this happening. Honestly, I have no idea. Glee being what it is, which is tolerance, acceptance of oneself and being a comedy, I think it would be very severe and morbid. However, like Ryan, Nip / Tuck, venturing at times shocking. If I had to do this would be for a reason and cause that could explain only Glee. But as an actor, I hope this does not happen, because I want to be present at Glee forever.

After talking on the phone with Max and the theory of the possibility of suicide Karofsky started me in a panic. So I contacted Brad Falchuk know if this is something that fans of the series should be concerned, and said:

In fact, it can happen and we like the inclusion of tangles that are part of the headlines. I can say that this was not discussed, but not really Glee series eso.Nos would like to take the dramatic tone and push for certain issues, but this does not seem the kind of story that we would like.


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