Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Our little Filipina 18 years and has shone in the record labels, on TV and now goes by the film. Charice has already signed on to act in a film that you have release date for July 29, 2012. The film is called 'Here Comes the Boom' directed by Frank Coraci ("Around the World in 80 Days" ) and will star Salma Hayek ( "Las Bandidas" ) andKevin James ( "Hitch: Seduction Expert" ).

The story is a comedy that revolves around a high school biology teacher named Scott who enrolls in a wrestling match mixed martial arts with the intention of raising money to save the music program at school. Charice's character was called Malia , and seems to be the girl who attended the music program and to convince Scott to save him. Hopefully sometime singing!


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