Tuesday, March 15, 2011


TV Guide magazine had an interview with Cory Monteith, where the actor talks about the upcoming episodes, and reveals several spoilers.
TV Guide Magazine : This episode of Tuesday include New Directions in the regional playing against a panel of judges made up of Kathy Griffin and Tammy Jean Albertson judge, Loretta Devine as Sister Mary Constance and the driver of the News in Lima, Ohio Rod Remington. What can we expect?

Cory Monteith : Well, Kathy Griffin brought his mother and his usual sense of humor. This is our first performance of original songs.

TV Guide Magazine : And they're recording now?

Cory Monteith : We're recording 2 different episodes. One, "Born This Way," is a classic episode of Glee where we explore what is embracing what we are and what we do not like us and we express it in performance.

TV Guide Magazine : For the title, we think it's the episode where Karofsky finally accepts what it is?

Cory Monteith : Have it for sure, and there is some intimidation included. It becomes something big. And the second thing we're shooting now is "Night of Neglect," is an episode that focused on artists who have been slighted or neglected in recent years.

TV Guide Magazine : In other words, the artists of success?

Cory Monteith : That's the idea, wanted to clarify a Bjork song, but not obtained.Apparently has no phone number. Also Kristin Chenoweth who want to return for an episode if available.

TV Guide Magazine : And then you go to New York to the Finals?

Cory: I could not be more excited. We will shoot there for a week and a half at the end of April.

TV Guide Magazine : I understand that you will act judging yourself as part of a fun musical campaign.

Cory Monteith : A co-production of VH1 Save the Music Foundation and Apple & Eve Fruitables, looking for the best schools in America blends. The boys send videos of their glee club in real life by mixing 2 songs. In April, I will assess all these schools and clubs, I select two winners - one primary and one secondary. Each will earn $ 10,000 for glee club program. (Six finalists will win $ 1,000 each. For more details, go to http://www.facebook.com/AppleandEve. Registration ends on April 1.)

TV Guide Magazine : Why you wanted to do that?

Cory Monteith : It seems like something perfect for me. Music helps the good cause and makes me stay on the table and be a judge.

TV Guide Magazine : As it is when you play a Finn, that you are usually the court?

Cory Monteith : We have many songs in Glee, so I feel ready to do this. I learned that even if you do not enjoy someone's interpretation, as a judge can not have merit in it. I have to put in where the audience, perhaps because the singers talk me out of my perspective.

TV Guide Magazine : So you are looking for Judge Monteith?

Cory Monteith: (Laughs) People are taking risks and being original compositions. As we do in the show.


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