Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Everything With Glee." - Matthew Morrison

Speaking of his solo debut album, Matthew Morrison can not hide the happiness that this causes: his hands sweat, smiles, almost shouting. It took more than 10 years to crystallize this dream and all, thanks to the success of the series 'Glee'.

"I always dreamed, but my idea was to do something related to music theater. Following all the work I've done in 'Glee', opportunities arose, and was Ryan Murphy (the producer of the series) who suggested that I do not think twice when it was proposed. I acknowledge that my interpretation is very theatrical training and that, in the study, they note. I'm more dramatic than usual, but can be a particular stamp".

The actor, who plays Will Schuester professor, describes his musical style as a mix between the styles of Michael Bublé and Justin Timberlake .

"Youth rhythm that vein will not be missing today and it will go well together with the romantic pop balladeer, which I like a teenager", says Morrison.

The Californian of 33 years is working in studios in Los Angeles and London with Eg White, responsible for hits from pop crooners of the moment like Adele, Duffy, Will Young and James Morrison. "This album has given me the opportunity to get rid of all my fears. Before I did not dare to experiment with an entire song because nothing I liked, and now, thanks to JC Chasez ( former * NSYNC ), I could open up a lot. He is great to lead, to bring the issue, the meter, the composition. I am exploring and I'm not afraid anything . I am also working with Steve Kipner, who collaborated with one of my favorite performers, Cheryl Cole ... I think I'll do anything to disappoint anyone. "

In the first live performances he has done, Matthew has just submitted a new piece of five or six that will contain the album, called ' My Name 'and which is estimated to be on sale at digital stores in late March. ''It seems that the diplomas, the name of the disc, everything is like the 'state's best kept secret', but in reality we are completing the final details, and I guess until it is released the first single and it goes on sale define the entire list of topics " .

Nominated as the Golden Globes , the Emmys , the People and Teen's Choice Award, the blonde singer says that although not yet out for sale material, and you are asking for public shows and private U.S. and elsewhere. " It is not just dates here until I have spoken Dubai. When my agent told me about the demand for my show, I'm happy. The problem is that I have not yet heavily armed, " he says.

The fame that has come to also nominated for a Tony for her role in 'The Light in the Piazza' says he has been beneficial because it has been able to improve their acting skills and performing but is not sure if he likes the paparazzi and the tabloid publications inventing gossip about him.


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