Thursday, February 3, 2011


If you can’t get enough of Jane Lynch (Sue), perhaps her new memoir will be just the thing you need. The Glee star announced today that Happy Accidents, a book about her life and career, will be released in September. 

“Sue Sylvester didn’t come out of a vacuum. She’s someone that lives very deeply in me. I kind of liked that shaming, vengeful energy during different periods of my life. I was in therapy and I was complaining about somebody not following the rules, and my therapist basically started laughing at me and said, you must write a monologue about this, because it’s hilarious stuff.” Lynch told the Times. “There’s just so much I think I could encapsulate in one phrase: Don’t suffer. You’re going to be unsure, you’re not going to have confidence, you’re going to feel like the parade is passing you by. And you can feel all of that, but the mental component of suffering doesn’t have to be there. And if I could go back in time, that’s what I would love to tell myself. You don’t have to sweat it.” 

Source: NYT

On March 3, The Simpsons will begin recording voice over talent for their upcoming 23rd season. Guess which Glee star is scheduled for some studio time? Jane Lynch!

"Jane plays a woman who becomes Homer's assistant," says producer Al Jean. "It becomes an All About Eve scenario where she seems really nice, but undermines him, takes his job and he has to fight back." Look for Jane’s episode to air next fall.

Source: TV Guide


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