Sunday, January 16, 2011

Will Quinn and Puck reunite?

Don’t bet on it! “There’s nothing [planned] right now. Nothing,” Dianna Agron dished to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello about the possibility of Quinn reuniting with her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Puck. Mark Salling added, “It might be a while for that.”

Meanwhile, Quinn might get cozy with another ex-boyfriend. Namely, Finn. Cory Monteith isn’t sure, but he said things are “always going to be back-and-forth between Rachel and Quinn” for his character.

Sam? Agron said, “I liken him to a golden retriever puppy. He is sweet, he can be a little dopey — in a lovable way — and sometimes his thoughts aren't fully cooked.” This is, of course, a reference to “Comeback” (Episode 13, airing February 15), in which Sam tries to woo Quinn with a Bieber song and Bieber hair. “The episode stirs up some problems with them,” the actress revealed.

Harry Shum Jr. said things between Mike and Tina are “going good, though there are some ups and downs — ‘Asian romance obstacles’ — that are fun to explore.”

Finally, Naya Rivera, lacking any new Brittana intel, made a guess as to what Santana wears under her Cheerios uniform. “I’m thinking red, and I’m thinking lace.”

Source: TVLine


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