Thursday, January 19, 2012


We saw what happened in 'Yes/No' episode. Finn proposed Rachael and also found out his father was a drug addict who died of an overdose! OMG! What Cory Monteith think about the current situation happening to Finn??

"I loved it," Cory told TVLine of the opportunity to play up Finn's struggles. "I'm so happy that Ryan [Murphy] wrote me this stuff, because it's been a long time coming with Finn, dealing with the dad stuff and his relationship coming to a head with Rachel. I was thrilled! It doesn't feel forced, it's just a very organic place in the series for this to happen."

How about the proposal and Rachel's answers?? "She provides her answer -- in true Glee form -- in song. We pick up where we left off tonight in the following episode," said Cory. Cory also tells Rachel's proposal answer! "It is a definite answer. But, you know how kids are. I don't think it's going to be as simple as they think. I suspect there's more down the road. Her answer is shocking, I can tell you that."

How about Finn's felling after he know the truth about his father death? "It was pretty true to form as far as Finn's indecisiveness and not knowing where he wants to take his life. It was kind of cool that at the same time he was considering enlisting, he found out these heavy truths about his father, and I hope that is carried forward. There's still a lot more to explore as far as that is concerned for him. It's the beginning of Finn unraveling that stuff in his past, and I don't think it's the end," said Cory.


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