Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Darren Criss will star in a Comedy/ Drama movie entitled Imogene. Not new info about the movie because the movie is in production we guess. 

The movie is about When Imogene (Kristen Wiig), a formerly successful playwright, is dumped by her social-climbing New York boyfriend, she fakes suicide to get his attention – but ends up being forced into her gambling-addict mother Zelda's (Annette Bening) custody. Back at Zelda's house in Atlantic City, Imogene flies headfirst into a mountain of dysfunction, learning that her mother has rented out her room to a seemingly lunkheaded twenty-something, Lee (Darren Criss), and that her dead father may actually be alive. Further complicating things, her mother is now dating a suspicious CIA agent, The Bousche (Matt Dillon), and her younger brother Ralph is obsessed with crabs (the sea kind) and has built a human shell to protect himself from the world. A desperate Imogine finally convinces Lee to drive her and Ralph to find their father, setting in motion a road trip during which Imogene realizes the life (and friends) she had in New York may have seemed better in hindsight.


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