Thursday, November 17, 2011



You know his as Sebastian, Kurt rival in Glee! but the question is.. Grant is gay or straight, especially since he’ll be playing a gay character. Since this is Grant’s first TV or film gig, non of us haven’t yet heard enough about the guy just yet! 

But because we couldn’t stop until nailing down at least a few clues, some scoured Grant’s recent interview with Billboard. In it, Grant is asked what it’s like as an actor to be part of a highly scrutinized gay storyline, and Grant responds by saying that Darren “handled it so, so well.” Does he putting some clues in it or not?? is he into Darren since Darren is straight or with Chris Colfer, the openly gay?? or NOT???


While you curious Gleeks out there were surely hoping for something more concrete, you may have to settle for these vague hints for the time being. In fact, later in the interview, Grant is asked if there are any details about his life that he doesn’t like to dish about on Twitter, and he says that “personal things” are off limits. oh *hit! we want some answers Grant!! seriously! WE WANT ANSWERS! We have some of his yummy-delicious photo!!


Grant Gustin Gets Roughed Up as Baby John in West Side Story


  1. Gay character in movie, tv show aren't always using the REAL gay person. They just happen to be a fantastic actor/actress to portray gay person. Should credit that instead of figerring out whether he's gay, bisex, straight, or whatever label we know to label them. Is that important? NO. Just like Grant said, personal things are 'off limit'. If they come out, great. If they're not, why push it? it's so irrelevant unless you wanna be some trashy writer. and for me, what's matter is that they put a good show, doesn't matter what kinda sex they like. ;) just saying

  2. he actually said hw was straight once... just sayin...

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