Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The Hollywood Reporter released an interview in which he asks several cast members who were the best musical moments that have most enjoyed this season.

Chris Colfer : " 'As If We Never Said Goodbye' is my favorite one i played this season and it was my idea." He says the lyrics of Sunset Boulevard that was played in the episode 'Born This Way'. "I asked Ryan that if we could do that is perfect with the story of Kurt and I love Sunset Boulevard when Norma Desmond returns to the studio. Some of it sounded perfect and agreed with me."

Lea Michele : "My favorite song to interpret this season was 'Happy Days AreHere Again / Get Happy w ith Chris," she said of the song from Judy Garlandand Barbra Streisand was starring in 'Duets'. "The song was very Glee for me, and made ​​to sing with him and do as Barbra and Judy , it was like something perfect for me, something I love and keep close to my heart . I cried every time the act that is very emotional."

Heather Morris : "Honestly I can not hear the version of Kevin McHale of 'Never Going Back Again 'from Fletwood Mac," she said of the song that was played in the episode "Rumours."

Naya Rivera: "I had a great time with 'Valerie,' said the cover of Amy Winehouse who was portrayed in the episode "Special Education." It was one of my favorite songs," she said.

Matthew Morrison : "My song favorite is' Hell To The No 'of Mercedes ( Amber Riley ). It's a great song and very sticky. also ' Trouty Mouth '(played by Naya Rivera). " He said the songs were written specifically for the episode 'Original Song'. "They are very good numbers that ended up being very good, funny numbers that I can not get out of my head."


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