Friday, May 27, 2011


What happened to Santana? Why lose? And Will and Emma?What will happen to Samcedes? Quinn why he cut his hair? Entertainment Weekly and  the Directors of Glee, Brad Falchuk answered all those question!

EW: It was always expected to lose New Directions in National?
BRAD: Yes, there are sufficiently prepared. We knew it would happen. Not just the fact that they did not win but were not even on the top 10, showed them how they were not prepared or focused. I like this, for me if they had entered the top 10 but clearly everyone was focused on other things that happened, would have been as naive.

EW: Why did Sam and Mercedes hide their relationship?
BRAD: We must wait to discover this, they have their reasons. This is something I was born in 'Prom Queen', we all feel the chemistry there.

EW: In the last scene seemed that Quinn had already exceeded his breakup with Finn. Was he faking? Was that an act?
BRAD: It was all in her hair! All energies were in bad hair and a short time he returned to being the 'Happy Quinn' before. I'm not saying that he has overcome all, but simply maturing. Every culture has a kind of ritual in which a physical change changes you inside.

EW: I heard they were planning to return to McKinley Sunshine?
BRAD: It is not yet sure, we have big plans for next year. Not worth starting to talk about them because who knows? Everything changed then. This is how we work, we all have some ideas but the rest has yet to be discovered.

EW: Have a plan for when the characters have to graduate?
BRAD: Yes, we have some definite plans. Not a question of something we want to pass oo no, but certainly we have big things planned.

EW: It seems that to the whole world was waiting for Santana out of the closet but did not. There was something in mind for this to happen?

BRAD: No. When we (the co-creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan) talked about doing this story about the reality of being gay, was a great conversation. She is an important character. We knew we would get some back. I think we're very progressive, but the reality is that much of the country is not as progressive yet. But we wanted to take the risk because it was a group of people who were not actually identified in the program.The story of Kurt, a Gay guy who wants to be respected in Ohio was very light and trabajda, and over the past truth. We did not have the time to actually tell the story.We knew it would take some time it returned, with Santana we will concentrate more on the upcoming season.

EW: What do you mean the fans who watched the Grand Final?
BRAD: At first the episode lasted 20 minutes longer than usual, so we had cut enough material.We should focus more episode in the meeting of these guys with the big New York and what this trip meant as the breakthrough in the relationship Finchel. I think that enough people will be disappointed with what happened to Will and Emma? Well, there was a scene Willemma but had to cut it , but the important thing is that we're both single now and they both want the best for the other, definitely we will put more fire in that relationship. Finally, the guys realized that being together is more important than any award.


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