Monday, April 25, 2011


Many took us all by surprise revival of the relationship between Quinn and Finn, even more so when things between Quinn and Sam seemed to be going so well, even they performed the opening act at sectionals but as says an old adage: "Where there was fire, ashes as left." Nothing worse than a former partner, the style of that show on MTV. So quarterback and rekindled his love cheerleader and joined. Of course, with the "help" from Santana, admitted they were taking an affair.

So far so good here. In episode 16, Original Song, we see the beginning of episode as Quinn expressed her "love" for Finn, even said that was his first love.However, the fact that most caught my attention to watch the show is when she says, "without ever going to get one of these... Is what you're thinking, Dancing Queen." and we can not forget the fact that in the United States, part of the most popular group at school are Football players and Cheerleaders. And, as we have seen in many other movies, they are the ones who win the titles of king and prom queen.

But Quinn is no longer part of Cheerios, and their social status has been degraded. Meanwhile, Finn and remains Quarterback of the football team from Lima High. Thus, it seems that the resurgence of this love is rather tied to the desire for Quinn to be the Queen of Dance.If this assumption, we add some of the spoilers we've been operating on the network, which warns of the end of one of the most important couples in the series, will they use them?


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