Thursday, April 28, 2011


In the Time 100 gala, held yesterday in New York City, Chris Colfer and Darren Criss spoke about the relationship of his characters Kurt and Blaine at Glee and record in the Big Apple a.k.a New York.

"We're at the stage of the honeymoon now," Darren answered about whether the relationship between Kurt Blaine and survive in different schools. "They are together and I think that will be rainbows and sunshine for a while and then see what happens in season 3. Ryan (Murphy) said that they got to be together I wanted it to be so defective and delicate as any relationship, so I think we will go through that, but will not know until next season. "

On filming in New York, Chris says, "It's so exciting. I wish we had this feeling every day in LA but people in LA are so used to it. We have fans who come to know the locations."

And about being among the 100 most influential people to just 20, Colfer says, "I was definitely surprised when they called me, saying that was included in the list, especially because my motor skills still specialize," Chris admitted. "I am completely honored to be in the same room with these people."


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