Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In his chat with the fans tonight, Kristin Dos Santos revealed several Glee spoilers, and some know and others are new. He said that at Sexy, Karofsky not appear, and in this episode is not sung Born This Way, which we knew the song list. The duo also said Blaine and Kurt in the regional, which we know will be of the song Candless.

JolooZoombo (via Twitter) : Jonathan Groff was caught at a party for the Oscars with Lea Michele and the boys returned to St. Jesse Glee Glee!?!?
Sadly, the presence of Groff does not mean that you record an episode of Glee now. Is supposed to appear on the show again at some point this season, but sources tell us that the party last night was only because Read and are old friends from their days of Spring Awakening.

@ XoxJessie19xox (via Twitter): Glee!
Glee is looking for a "black nerd boy" to appear as an extra included. Include Jaleel White? "Or maybe just have to hire Magnitude of Community?

Also, Kathy Griffin, who as we know it will be a judge at the Regional, put in your twitter a message something rare and highly revealing:


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