Saturday, March 5, 2011

Klaine Is there hope for?

When Kurt and Blaine decided to maintain a relationship of "When Harry Met Sally" in the previous episode, some fans were disappointed Klaine. Kurt finally professed his feelings for Blaine only to realize that his love was not reciprocated. But still there might be hope for Kurt and Blaine this season.

On Monday, E! News revealed some new spoilers about the next chapter on the regional, called "Original Song", as Kristin Dos Santos called it "a lovely time, lovely and quite tender between Kurt and Blaine," so that fans could still feel a little hope for the two gay Warblers. Suggests that the spoiler will be a moment that fans of Kurt and Blaine "will not soon forget."

The scene takes place during the performance of the song. It has been rumored that Kurt and Elaine sing a duet of "Candles" (originally from Hey Monday) and added to the Pink song "Raise Your Glass" with the rest of the Warblers.


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