Sunday, March 20, 2011


This episode is the gayest content you have of Glee Season 2. The parachute in this episode Dave Karofsky will be very confused about their sexuality and see Kurt's boyfriend move a little. Kurt came to Dave in this way and shows that being gay is not bad and it finally seems to end confessing their sexual orientation.

In this chapter we will see another passionate kiss Klain ( Kurt & Blaine ). In regard to Santana and begins to connect a bit more with their homosexual side, as Puck in the middle class makes an offensive remark to Kurt for being gay and Santana out to defend him and begins a discussion of why Puck.

People think that being gay is bad....

In this episode we see the incredible performance of "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga is said to sing Kurt, Dave and Blaine, but it is not known officially. Not many rumors of the other songs that might appear in the episode.


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