Sunday, March 6, 2011


A Mexican magazine called "Por Ti" publish a lot of spoilers for each of the characters which the said Ryan Murphy , but there are always the factor of the doubt ... the article reads:
Missing for the final 12 episodes of the season, one episode will be a "SUPER-BLONDIE" , also the McKinley School Bullying awareness about the new Lady Gaga song "Born This Way".

Quinn : she feels she can win back Finn, so Rachel decides to take away, but it does vary deceived her current boyfriend, Sam. Also become entangled again with another player.

Puck : still angry at Sam for taking Quinn, so try to get revenge but in the attempt to return April Rhodes and did not hesitate to keep an eye.

Mercedes : will keep trying to find love, but again will be disappointed to take her to want to leave the Glee Club.

Tina : Try not to be shy and come back to repress their feelings, will ask advice from Quinn to be more outgoing, so as not to alienate Mike, but still feels something for Artie.

Finn : You will have to decide whether Rachel will continue her love again or take a chance with Quinn which carried him to lower his average and stay put at risk both in the Glee club as the football team.

Rachel : You will have another attack of diva and leave the Glee Club for a few days, in a matter of love will get closer to a club member who is neither Finn nor Puck!

Kurt : His life will have a 180-degree turn which would lead to Karofsky face and feeling for Sam will be reborn.

Artie : Will be in trouble with the club, and will have a competition against Puck to see who stays and who goes!

Sue : It took a well deserved vacation, but will return to bother Will, can you return with a new love.

Will : You will have a torrid affair with a sex education teacher.

Emma : I will be back a crossroads in which his feelings Will come into play.


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