Saturday, March 5, 2011


About the book

There have been few cultural touchstones to open people’s eyes to everyday lesbian life—until now. Through fascinating interviews and stunning portrait photography, The L Life introduces us to the women who are changing our view of the world. This candid collection is a celebration of real women, alongside headline-makers such as breast cancer researcher and bestselling author Dr. Susan Love; groundbreaking authors Alison Bechdel and Ann Bannon; entertainers such as actress Jane Lynch and comedian Kate Clinton; Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and longtime activist Phyllis Lyon; award-winning film producer Christine Vachon; and many more.

About the author

Erin McHugh is a former publishing executive and the author of 19 books, including the five-volume series The Portable Queer. She lives in New York City and South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. "I think I just tried to focus on 'look these women are lesbians, but let’s focus on who they are in this world,'" McHugh said. "Not, ‘Well here are the greatest lesbians we know of in captivity.’"


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