Friday, February 4, 2011


Vanity Fair assembled a dream team of Glee supporting players — Max Adler, Heather Morris, Chord Overstreet, Harry Shum Jr., and Kevin McHale and asked them each one burning question. Check out the answers below:

Vanity Fair: Will Karofsky come out? 
Max Adler: I don’t know. I read how Ryan Murphy said that he wanted Karofsky to have a happy ending, and to me, that means he has to eventually come out and accept who he is. As of right now, he’s very split and tortured in the Super Bowl episode. But stay tuned. I hear there’s supposed to be an episode centered around the new Lady Gaga single “Born This Way” and that’s supposed to involve me in a big way. 

Vanity Fair: The Internet odds on Sam and Quinn making it as a couple are currently pretty dismal. But personally, I’m more interested in the odds on some fistfights between Sam and Finn. Any chance of that happening? 
Chord Overstreet: Maybe. There’s definitely some tension. As far as it goes now, I haven’t gotten into a fight with him yet. It’s still possible. But I think I’d win. I think I’m pretty quick. 

Vanity Fair: Any chance that the Artie/Tina/Brittany triangle could be resolved in a three-way relationship? 
Kevin McHale: Believe me, I’ve suggested it many a time. And I’ve also thought maybe Santana could join in as well. 

Vanity Fair: How is Mike going to get rid of his rolling menace Artie once and for all? 
Harry Shum Jr.: The crossroads really happen in the Valentine’s Day episode. Artie has a girl right now, he’s got Brittany. So it’s more — not a love triangle, but a ... love square. But we know that special place Tina holds for him. On Valentine’s Day you’ll get to see how they express the love they have, and get past it. 

Vanity Fair: Artie or Santana? Or both? 
Heather Morris: Both, of course. That’s my, Naya, and Kevin’s dream — all three at the same time. I’m dead serious, we always talk about it. But I don’t think Ryan and Brad and Ian would go for it. We’re too young on the show. We can’t get into shit like that. Not until [our characters] are, like, 20 and we all move to Los Angeles.

Source: Vanity Fair


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