Monday, January 17, 2011

Read MORE about Anne Hathaway role in Glee!

Looks like all of Chris Colfer's dreams are coming true.

Not only did the artist known to Gleeks as Kurt win his first Golden Globe but Glee creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that Chris' big wish of a guest star is happening.

Anne Hathaway is coming to Glee!

Ryan and the Glee cast shared the news with E! Online that Anne is coming on the show--which apparently came as a surprise to some of the cast! When asked when they found out about the casting scoop, Amber Riley laughed, "He just said it about 10 minutes ago!" Last month, on the Glee set, Colfer told us his dream gets for the show include Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway, adding, "Can you imagine a family with myself, Mike O'Malley, Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway? That's one hell of a family!" No word yet as to what Anne will be playing, but she has said she'd love to play Kurt's lesbian aunt. Big casting reveals weren't the only things the cast was sharing tonight. 

Source : E! Online


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