Friday, January 28, 2011

Jane Lynch talks about Sue Sylvester

After many hate to Sue for her evil, Jane came to defend it .

"When I started to plays Sue, knew there had to be a vulnerability that has made it so damn. His mother is a hunter of Nazis and was never home, so Sue had to take care of his sister, who has syndrome Down. So Sue has been responsible for the care of this woman who now has 50 and a home. She has built an armor around his heart, but there is a deep tenderness in the background . In a moment he wants to destroy people, but to then wants hugs r, as it does with Kurt. She is a disaster." 

Also Jane gave her opinion about bullying:
"I'm for it, I think it builds character, " She joked. "There are millions of poor parents who teach their children that hitting and abusing someone who is different is okay, that sucks!"


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