Friday, January 7, 2011

Glee Spoilers?

Read on if you aren't afraid of some gleeky gossip! Who knows if its true or not...
Michael Ausiello claims that the original draft of the post-Super Bowl episode didn't include Kurt or Blaine, Gasp!
“It definitely made me a little nervous that they were having a huge episode without my character, to be sure,” Chris Colfer confessed. “But they did squeeze us in. We’re in it for, like, a minute, but it’s a very happy minute.” The Golden Globe nominee goes on to admit that life on the Glee set has been a little “odd” since his character left McKinley High for the far more inclusive Dalton Academy. “It feels like I’m on a different show,” he says. “It’s kind of lonely to be honest, because I don’t have Amber [Riley] there with me. It’s weird. I feel like I’m a guest star.”

Ausiello also points to a new couple in McKinley High and I am all for it, lol! He writes "Rumor has it the show’s Valentine’s episode will feature a flashback to Puck and Lauren Zizes’s infamous seven minutes in heaven. And as he previously raved, it most definitely rocked his world."

And when asked when Mercedes might be getting a partner, Ausiello revealed, "Not in the near future. In fact, there’s a scene in Valentine’s episode where Mercedes gives Rachel a big speech about the advantages of being single. Apparently, while all of her peers were knee-deep in romance drama, Mercedes was focusing on herself."
What do you think Gleeks? Is this a bunch of hogwash or do you think Ausiello is on to something? I can't wait for the new episode!
Source: glee wiki


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