Friday, May 27, 2011


For Gleeks who can’t wait for Season 3, the Oxygen Network (in America) is filling the summer weeks with The Glee Project, a reality series in which 12 contestants vie for a role on the Fox hit beginning Sunday, June 12. In a conference call with reporters today, Glee choreographer Zach Woodlee, casting director Robert Ulrich, and vocal arranger Nikki Anders — who are all “mentors” on the new reality show — talked about what fans can look forward to. The 12 contestants were picked from an initial casting call that drew a total of 40,000 hopefuls to auditions across America.

Basically anyone is right for Glee and The Glee Project. You could be any size, shape, ethnicity. The only qualification was that they had to be over 18 and conceivably play high school. Glee is always about more than singing. It’s about someone who fits into the Glee world and is accessible, and has that special something that you can’t describe," he said.

Asked what makes the show different from other TV competitions, Ulrich said, “On most shows people are judges, or people are hosts. What makes this really different is that The Glee Project is so authentically Glee, and the fact that Zach is the choreographer on Glee, and Nikki works on the music on Glee, and I am the casting director. So we’re all being who we are on Glee, and doing the same things we do on Glee on the show.”

YES!! this show is like AMERICAN IDOL..

The weekly challenges that the contestants perform mirror the work lives of the Glee cast and crew, Zach said. “A lot of the challenges they do parallel what you would have to do on our show. Everything’s been relevant to what they would be doing on the scripted show. We broke through quite a few barriers as far as what they could do.” Anders added, “Every week we have a challenge on their live singing and their studio singing. Then there’s the choreography. And it all kind of culminates in the end with the acting. Everyone was pushed out of their comfort zone at some point.


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